Say goodbye to painful hairbrushing – Tangle Teezer Review


As with all things beauty, hair and makeup, I first learned of the Tangle Teezer from the YouTube world. What didn’t I learn from there? I didn’t really show any interest for it- it was just an expensive hairbrush to me. But boy, was I in for a surprise! As I’ve mentioned countless time (not to brag, btw), I did a bit of traveling through Europe two years ago.


It was winter time, the air was dry, and cold winds were the norm. I typically wear my hair down, and after walking around the city in the cold weather really messed my tresses. By the end of the day, my hair was in a tangled mess!

Attempts at brushing my mane with a paddle brush resulted in tiny burst or screaming and cursing from the pain of the bristles tugging at my hair. And the bristles base would even come off of the hairbrush! Fun times.


I finally decided to get the Tangle Teezer in the hopes that it would end my hair-brushing nightmare. And let me tell you, it was the best 10 Euros I spent on that trip! I picked up mine at a random pharmacy in Cologne. Got the brush, tore the package open and immediately brushed my hair. It. Was. Amazing.

No tangles, no hair-tugging, no pain.

Even my two best friends fell in love with it. They tried my brush on their hair and it works just as well for them who had fine straight hair and curly hair respectively.


I’ve had my pink tangle teezer for over two years now, and it still looks and works great. I’ve recently purchased another brush; this time in purple, as a backup piece- just in case my nieces decides to steal the pink one.

Kids LOVE this brush. Whenever my nieces come over, the first thing they reach for in my room is the Tangle Teezer! Ayra had even took the brush home for over two weeks! I eventually got it back from her, thankfully.


If you’ve had your fair share of tangled hair, the tangle teezer is THE brush that you cannot live without! Yes, it is a bit pricey, but trust me when I tell you it is worth it. Give your tresses the love they deserve with this brush.

You can purchase Tangle Teezer brushes from Luxola or from Hamley’s.



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