Short Hair, Don’t Care

Every 12 months or so, I would get the itch to  change up my hairstyle. Most of the time, I chicken out and stick to the same old haircut – long graduated layers that gives me loads and loads of volume! My hair is very thick, and I do get a lot of compliments on it and sometimes friends would chirp in and say, “I wish/want thick hair like yours!”. And most of the time I can’t help but just smile sheepishly and thank them for their compliments.

The Struggle Is Real

But there are so many struggles girls with thick hair go through. Don’t even get me started on the hairbrush dilemma. Anyway, back to the haircut. Since I do stick to the same haircut, and I like keeping the length long, I do get bored with it. I love seeing photos of different hairstyles, and toyed with the idea to change it drastically; but alas, long layers are my fave. I guess since I had a terrible haircut when I was a kid (my parents took me to the salon and my hair was cut so short, I looked like a boy!) I kinda want to have long hair to make up for that, hahahaha.

Cut to three weeks ago, I visited my favourite hairstylist, Linda. She’s got a small salon near my house and I’ve been going to her since I was 18. Man, that’s a loooong time… I was way overdue for my annual haircut; and I told her I wanted to go short, but no too short. I showed her roughly how much of it I wanted to cut off, and that I wanted a different kind of cut too.

Two hours of chit-chatting and her talking my ear off, my new ‘do was done. I had cut-off a total of 12 inches! I knew my hair was long, but not that long. Sheesh. I guess I should’ve know better than to get my hair cut once a year 😛

It’s not the first time I’ve gone short, but I alway feel like a brand new person. My hair feels so much lighter and way healthier. No more split ends! Now I just need to maintain and take better care of it. My hair dries waaaaay faster now – under and hour and its fully dried!  When I had long hair, it could take up to three hours, and sometimes it doesn’t even dry fully!

Now the issue I have to tackle is hair-fall! It scares me how much hair I lose in a day. Any ideas/suggestions/petua on how to reduce hair-fall? Let me know!


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