Krabi was amaaaazing! Five days of swimming, snorkelling, eating and massages. Pure. Bliss. The weather was hot and sunny, which we were thankful for, because the forecast reported potential downpour during our trip.

Poda Island (Koh Poda)

There was lots of places to visit and things to do, but I didn’t partake in all of the activities the clan had planned, though. I skipped out on elephant trekking, and instead went island hopping. This was so much fun! The water was crystal clear! A whole day of swimming and snorkelling between the four islands, definitely got me brown – which I don’t mind. I love being tan! But ya girl currently have three different skin tones all across her body. That tankini tan line is really prominent 😂.

Our hotel was perfectly situated in Ao Nang, and there was plenty of halal food joints all along the street. So, looking for food wasn’t a problem; and you bet your behind that we ate. A LOT. Pad thais for days! Oh and tom yum, and som tam, and thai pancakes and coconut ice creams! I know these coconut ice creams are nothing new, and you can easily get them in KL, but I have never and probably would never get them here because they are hella expensive. I mean, RM10-RM13 for that little ice cream? Nope 🙅🏻. So I definitely spoiled myself silly with the coconut ice cream every. Single. Day. #noregrets.

Most of my money went to massages. The whole fam went for massages daily. I mean, what else would you do, right? And for 250 baht for a full hour Thai massage or foot massage, you would be a fool to pass that up. Even the kiddies enjoyed their foot massage and mani-pedi session. The girls even got their hair braided!

Our tricked out van

Our tricked out van

krabi-2016-family-holiday-15krabi-2016-family-holiday-16Coconut ice cream Chicken Island Tup Island (Koh Tup) Sticky rice with mangoCoconut ice cream part deuxCentara Anda Dhevi

You can probably tell my days in Krabi was like this: eat – swim – eat – massage – eat. And repeat. I can’t get enough of the beach and swimming! There’s already talk for 2017’s family holiday, and I  hear Lombok is the place of choice! So let’s wait and see…



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