Doctors say I’m the illest

’cause I’m suffering from a head cold. 😷

It’s been one hell of a week. No. Make that two weeks. Take the current heat in KL, mix it up with heavy rain every other day, and air-conditioned rooms; and you will get someone with a bug (idk, is that how it works?)

But something’s been going around, and it finally caught me too. Much thanks to my little nieces 😑. They came over two weekends ago for a birthday party at Mom’s and most likely passed it on to me. I’m pretty sure they were taking sips of water from my water bottle too. I don’t know what it is with my nieces and nephew – they love to drink from my water bottle, even when they have theirs on hand. Not that I mind, it keeps them hydrated since getting them to drink enough water is a pretty hard. But when they’re sick though, that’s an issue.

Ah well. It’s about due time for me to be ill anyways. Your girl here gets sick most probably once a year or every two years, and most of the time it is either because of food poisoning or a fever that’s usually gone in 12 hours or so 💪🏼.

This time around however, it’s creeping up to over two weeks. The first week I didn’t realise I was sick though. I was fasting on Monday, then the very next day I started to feel my throat getting sore, which I thought was from the lack of water the day before. Then that led to some coughing which went on for the rest of the week. Only the week after did I realise I was sick 😅 Even then, I didn’t think I was that sick. A little phlegmy cough here, a little headache there. But I didn’t register it as me being sick at all. LOL. I was hoping whatever it was, was going to be gone within 24 hours, but nope. It is still here. Snot and phlegm was what I am this past week. Since I was being stubborn so chill about it, I didn’t even visit the doctor for any meds. But this past Saturday was the worst! Stuffed up nose, headaches, fever, sore throat and phlegm-filled coughs – the works basically. I was walking around the house with a towel to blow my nose in – it was that bad. Still, I had an appetite and polished off five slices of pizza for dinner. I think I crave greasy food when I am sick. Is that weird?

Sunday was the same, still feverish and phlegmy and stuffy, but not as bad as the night before. I was thinking about possibly getting a day off from work if I wasn’t feeling any better, but thankfully, by 6pm yesterday I started to break the fever. Slept early, (after an impromptu Ikea trip looking like a hot mess, mind you) and woke up feeling much better! I still have a bit of coughing and runny nose, but nothing too serious. I even had enough energy to go out for a 20-minute walk and 40 minutes of Tone It Up workout after work today! It felt so good to be working out again after a week of slacking off because of the illness.

So yeah. That’s the story of me being sick for the past two weeks. If you managed to read my rambles until the end, congrats! You deserve a pat on the back. Hehehe.

In other news, Ramadan is coming! T-5 days! Can’t wait for iftar and all the ramadan bazaars (although I rarely ever go – it’s too crowded. Kirim my favourite food from whoever is going on the day je for me hehehe). Here’s hoping we’ll have a blessed Ramadan!




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