A cronut, croissant & cruffin

B turned 28 exactly three weeks ago. We, and by we I mean the JABS (coz we ain’t got no other friends; and how neat is it that Sophea can take the S in JABS?☺️), celebrated her birthday with brunch at Dotty’s.

salted egg cronut, nutella curffin, speculoos croissant

We had waited for half an hour for a table – it was Mother’s day weekend, so it was pretty packed. I don’t know if on regular days it would still be like that. The staff did serve everyone in the queue passionfruit drinks which was much appreciated during that hot day.

I’ve been dying to try out their pastries – especially their best-selling salted egg cronut. Salted egg anything is still all the rage. I would have thought the trendy food fad hype would have died or at least slowed down by now, but boy was I wrong. Almost every table had at least one salted egg cronut. I have tried a salted egg croissant before, I think it was one from Breadstory, and it didn’t blow me away. I was hoping for something truly delectable and decadent, but nah.

The salted egg cronut at Dotty’s was good, but it was nothing exceptional either. Both J and B agreed that the salted egg croissant from King’s bakery was better. I seriously need to find one and try! We also shared a speculoos croissant and a nutella cruffin. Again, both tasty, but nothing mind-blowing.

We started with the pastries and then had our mains. I had ordered a burger which was excellent – very juicy and tender!

B's birthday brunch at Dotty's

I think we spent over two hours catching up on life and work, and chatting about J’s upcoming nuptials. I really miss the days when we would and could hang out every single day after class. Heck, even on the days we didn’t have any classes. We don’t get to hang out that often since B’s married, with a baby; and J’s got a fiance now. And I am the lone wolf. #foreveralone. Since both J and B work together, they do get to hang out everyday, and I am so jealous of that. The FOMO is real, people. But I do appreciate the time that I do get to spend with them. I just wish it was more frequent! Ah well.

I think we need to have at least one get-together a month. Maybe two. Or three. Or at least update our group chat daily. Then maybe I’ll have less #FOMO syndrome.

I know posting these food photos will make me go extra hungry and salivating. Just half an hour to go until iftar! What are you guys having today?

Dotty's burger & Dotty's salted egg carbonaraDotty's nutella cruffinB's birthday brunch at Dotty's



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