Post-Raya Fashion + Beauty Haul

While everyone was on a shopping craze pre-raya, yours truly was not feeling the itch to shop at all. One by one, I kept putting off buying the things that I needed. Baju raya? Meh…I’ll wait until the next FV updates. Jeans? Yes, I need new jeans; but I’ll wait for the next sale. Oh, my cleanser is running low; I’ll head to the pharmacy soon. Nope. Didn’t do any of that.

Fast forward to this past Sunday, I told myself to do it now, or wait for another month. Drove to Pyramid to look for jeans specifically, and boy, did I score or what? I didn’t know Forever 21 was having a sale, and lucky me, I bagged 5 pairs of jeans for a little over RM200. To buy five pairs at one go may seem a bit excessive, but I live in jeans. Since my workplace has a casual dress code, jeans are my go to, every single day.

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