Froulash False Lashes

Fake lashes and I don’t often get along too well. It’s not something that I wear often, and if I do try to put on a pair of lashes, 90% of the time it goes wonky. The fact that I was too cheap to spend a little bit of money on lashes didn’t help either. I would only pay RM5 for Daiso lashes, which most of the time comes with a thick and stiff lash band – not fun putting those on 🙅🏻

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Colourpop Super Shock Shadows Swatches

Ever since Colourpop introduced their international shipping, I have ordered a lot of items. I am on their website way too frequent. Not good for my bank account, bruv. Everything is so cheap, I can’t help it sometimes! If I am not buying anything for myself, then it would be me placing an order for my friends. They’ve blamed me for getting them hooked and spending so much on makeup when they rarely even use it 😂. Forgive me 🙏🏼

Colourpop Super Shock Shadows swatches Malaysia

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I’m late, I’m late; for a very important date

Hello, November! I can’t believe how fast 2016 is zooming by. Friends are getting married and popping babies left and right, and I am just here breaking out and popping zits. Yes, I know I should not be doing that, but sometimes I just can’t help it 😭. Especially if it’s one of those gross ones.

Remember how I said I missed how my skin looked last year? Yeah. I am now back using the same skincare line that I think ( 🙏🏼 hopefully!) made my skin a whole lot better. What is it, you ask? Well, it is none other than the b.liv skincare line.

liv first step set oily skin hermo haul malaysia

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MAC Goodies

Another backlog haul coming thruuuuu!

What is it with me? I would buy something new and leave it unused for at least two to three weeks. Makeup, clothes, shoes – it will all be tucked away for a bit. This MAC haul is no exception, though I think it was purchased sometime in June? Or was it July? :-/ It has been used and loved though, not just sitting on my vanity looking pretty. Getting this post up however, has taken some serious time. Truth is, I almost forgot that I had the photos to share 😅
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