A cronut, croissant & cruffin

B turned 28 exactly three weeks ago. We, and by we I mean the JABS (coz we ain’t got no other friends; and how neat is it that Sophea can take the S in JABS?☺️), celebrated her birthday with brunch at Dotty’s.

salted egg cronut, nutella curffin, speculoos croissant

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Doctors say I’m the illest

’cause I’m suffering from a head cold. 😷

It’s been one hell of a week. No. Make that two weeks. Take the current heat in KL, mix it up with heavy rain every other day, and air-conditioned rooms; and you will get someone with a bug (idk, is that how it works?) Continue reading


Krabi was amaaaazing! Five days of swimming, snorkelling, eating and massages. Pure. Bliss. The weather was hot and sunny, which we were thankful for, because the forecast reported potential downpour during our trip.

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