Krabi was amaaaazing! Five days of swimming, snorkelling, eating and massages. Pure. Bliss. The weather was hot and sunny, which we were thankful for, because the forecast reported potential downpour during our trip.

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NYX Blush in Pinched Review & Swatches

Hey peeps! How have you been? Good? I’ve just had my lunch (McD’s ayam goreng spicy ūüôā) so I am happy as a clam. I hadn’t eaten in 24 hours (because I’m lazy & there’s nothing to cook); now with a belly full of fried chicken,¬†I can share with you my thoughts on this new blush I’ve been using.

If you’ve read part 1 of my makeup collection and declutter, you might have noticed in the blush drawer I had a NYX blush that was still in its packaging. I am a blush aficionado¬†– well I like to think so. If there is one thing I like to collect makeup-wise it would be blushers – right after makeup brushes.¬†The reason it’s been unused all this while is because I’ve been meaning to wait until I’ve used up one or more of the blushes that I’ve been using; but I finally caved and opened it. It’s funny, most people would jump at the chance to open new products as soon as they get their hands on it – but I tend to wait a¬†really¬†long time.
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I can’t remember the last time I went back to my mom’s hometown in Kedah. I reckon the previous time was probably around 4 or 5 years ago. This past weekend, the five of us -mom, BIL, sister, niece and moi-m√™me –drove five hours up north to visit our relatives. The drive up was really good; no heavy traffic since we departed on Friday morning. I got to sleep in the car since BIL was the designated driver.

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Kari & Co

One by one, my friends are getting hitched. Before we let go of our girl to the man of her dreams, we need to have one last fling before the ring. We kidnapped Fadhia for a little getaway last week. We tried to be as secretive as possible; all that we told her was make sure to be free on this date, and pack enough clothes for an overnight trip.

The girls and I gathered and planned an intimate get-together and covered everything from the food, decor, accommodation and games. First up : location. We knew we wanted to host it somewhere that had a private pool. Our first choice was The Shorea, but man, it was way out of our budget. Luckily for us, we found the next best place; Grand Lexis. It has everything we needed- private pool, and a big enough room for five crazy girls.


The girls and I decked out our suite. We had Fadhia wait outside our room for a while whilst we got the room all done up. Poor girl had been blindfolded as we drove to our hotel, and then we made her wait for us. Teehee. We love you, Kari!


We lugged quite a bit of stuff from home for the decor. I recycled my banner from Belle’s bridal shower a couple of weeks before, made the bra and panty sugar cookies, and bought the floral arrangements. Hazreen bought this delicious bustier cake, whilst Shasha did most of the decorating and tableware, and Bahiyyah made the banner and bought snacks.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Suffice to say, our little Hannie was utterly surprised once she took off her blindfold. The surprise was success! She couldn’t believe what we had in store for her.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

These were delicious, I have to say. I have made sugar cookies plenty of times, but I think these were my best batch! They weren’t crazy sweet too.lexis

Kari & Co. crew


We booked the Sky Villa, and we went during the weekday, so fortunately for us, we had better deals on the rates and there weren’t a lot of people. Our view from the balcony overlooked the Water Villas. It was extremely hot that day!


Once we have settled in and surprised our bride-to-be, we changed into our next outfit. Oh yes, we had coordinated our outfits for this trip. We drove down in black tops, changed into these bridal posse tees and leggings, and then we have a white top and batik outfit, plus floral tops for our going-home outfit. Semangat tak?SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

We did a little bit of exploring around the villas, in search of a nice spot for a photo op. The water villas seemed amazing, but we passed on it as people can look over the private pool. The sky villa’s pool was much more secluded.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Hazreen and I. This girl won’t let a selfie op go to waste.


Bride-to-be thinking about her man, maybe?

We basically went down to take a bunch oh photos, and then went back up to our room for another round of photos. But of course in between we started revisiting the memories we had together from our past. It was so much fun! All the laughter and tears from joking around made our faces hurt.


With half of her bridesmaids


Bride’s posse!

Back at the room, we continued with our trip down memory lane, and a lot of stories about old flames and frenemies we brought up. We’ve been through it all together since secondary school. A little backstory, the four girls had known each other since they were 7, but didn’t really become friends until they were 10. I, on the other-hand, first met Bahiyyah in secondary school. We were in the same class during our first year. Then I got to know the other girls through her, and from then on, we’re best buds!



We had games planned out for the evening, so we headed out for a quick dinner and then back to our hotel. We were bored waiting around for Fadhia getting ready, so we snuck in a photo sesh. I mean, what else were we supposed to do? ūüôā¬†Bahiyyah never takes a bad photo! So photogenic this one. Annoying really. Makes us all look bad. -___-

See?! -___________-

After dinner, we changed into our third outfit – white top and batik skirt. Initially this was what we planned to wear for dinner, but since we only went to a dodgy stall, we skipped it and saved it for parading in our room only. I have to say, I quite like wearing a pareo! I’ve had a few pieces in my closet, but never really worn any. This might just be the start of a new love affair.


Gadis-gadis Subang (plus one Bukit Jelutong girl. #missBJ). Inside joke from that day.

Before devouring the cookies I made, we put them to good use : not-quite-risqué bra and panty shots.

boobiesandbuttAt around midnight, we went for a swim in our private pool. The water was so cold! We spent about three hours swimming and playing games. Let me tell you, it was so fun and hilarious! There were plenty of games we had planned for the night, and I wish I could share with you, but I am gonna leave that as our little secret.


But I can tell you this; we had a race using the orange safety buoys you can see in the photo above. We had both relays and doubles competition. Oh, and another game involved panties. I have it on video. Oh boy, the things we do together.

The next day started off a little slow¬†– late nights and crazy yammering can be thanked for that. We showered and cleaned up our room as best we can. You can see that we made a mess with all our decor and clothes. Soon after, we had a little pampering session. We didn’t want to shell out big bucks going to the spa, so an in-room DIY facials masks was the next best thing.


Aren’t we lovely!

We were too full from dinner the night before, so we had the cake-cutting ceremony whilst waiting for our masks to dry. Cake and sparkling juice for breakfast. That’s the way you gotta do it. The cake was really delicious! We were lucky we found a baker who could have it done on short notice. We kept the cake design clean, with a simple bustier design.

We threw out ideas on what design it should be, and there was this really cute and fun design with pole dancers that we really liked, but again, we didn’t want to spend too much money on cake. And of course we entertained the idea of having some¬†risqu√©¬†designs, but we all agreed that we couldn’t possibly stomach the thought of eating phallic cakes. Eww!


Shasha creeping up in the pic.

After checking out, we stopped for lunch and then made a quick stop at the beach for one last round of photos. It was sweltering hot that day! Taking off our shoes to walk on the sand was unbearable. But we managed to keep our cool for the photos.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESDuring the drive home we continued busting each others balls with more stories and we had such a blast. We hung out at Hazreen’s place a for a long while before heading back to our own places – more food and quick naps to recharge ourselves. Oh the memories we’ve made from this trip, I will treasure forever. Same goes to these girls. Love ya!