Krabi was amaaaazing! Five days of swimming, snorkelling, eating and massages. Pure. Bliss. The weather was hot and sunny, which we were thankful for, because the forecast reported potential downpour during our trip.

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Happy birthday to me!

27. Wow.

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Froulash False Lashes

Fake lashes and I don’t often get along too well. It’s not something that I wear often, and if I do try to put on a pair of lashes, 90% of the time it goes wonky. The fact that I was too cheap to spend a little bit of money on lashes didn’t help either. I would only pay RM5 for Daiso lashes, which most of the time comes with a thick and stiff lash band – not fun putting those onΒ πŸ™…πŸ»

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And the countdown begins…

I’ve been laying / sitting in bed for the past 15 hours…and I don’t intend to move anytime soon. Currently binge-watching Gilmore Girls.

I got back after dinner and shopping last night with friends and crashed into bed soon after. I finally bought a pretty cute tankini for next week’s trip and I am pumped for it! This time, next week, I will be lounging on the beach, swimming and snorkelling and eating yummy Thai food.

Now I just have to get through one more work week, and then hello Krabi!

Speaking of work, I did a thing. I haven’t told my family about it, but I really need to do that. But the thing I did is with good reason, and I have another thing in line 😎.

Maybe after Krabi I’ll spill the beans.